10 tips to ace an interview: Land the job

Here are 10 important tips to a great job interview that will help you land your dream job.

  1. Research the role and the company – Trying to ace your interview without putting in the effort to research about the company you have applied to and its foundational values is like trying to bake the perfect brownies by eyeing the measurements; it is more likely going to be proved a blunder than not. Researching about the company, the industry and your job profile will demonstrate that you are well informed and prepare you for the more broad questions the interviewer will ask you on the company and its position in the market. The interviewer is likely to ask you about your views on the company’s competitive advantages, industry performance etc.

  2. Prepare for the most important interview questions – Preparation for an interview goes a long way!  Pick any “interview questions guide” book and practise a list of questions you are more likely to be asked. This way you will be prepared and won’t fumble on interview questions that are most likely going to be asked. Two most important interview questions every interviewer asks, is why you want that particular job and why you think you will be good at it. It is important to prepare in advance on your selling points for that particular job.

  3. Showcase confidence – Being assertive and moving the conversation in a direction that relays your key selling points to the interviewer is crucial. Make sure that you do not become passive with the aim to be polite. Also, while confidence is the key to securing your position and it is important to overcome the pre-interview anxiety, boasting also needs to be kept a check on, so as to not come off as overconfident and arrogant. 

  4. Dress the part – First impressions last a lifetime! We all say, don’t judge a book by its cover but in reality first impressions are largely based on how you look, how you carry yourself and what your personality exudes. There is nothing that speaks louder than your appearance when  entering a room, so make sure to look your best confident self. Think about what you are trying to portray, do you want to come off as strong and independent or responsible and obedient. Think of an outfit that best suits those qualities. www.TheAmbitionCollective.in is the one-stop-shop for all your workwear needs to make you feel like your most confident self. So find the best interview outfits at TAC.

  5. Practice makes perfect – Practice, practice and practice. Prepare for an interview in advance with a peer or a recruiter. This not only gives you a fair idea of your own knowledge and the gaps thereof but also gives you an insight to an observation of your own body language.

  6. Answer every question – It is natural to be lost once in a while but don’t let that be an obstacle while answering the recruiter’s question. Even though you may not know the answer to all the questions, try to respond with a relevant and concise answer that can show the recruiter you don’t completely lack knowledge in the area. This does not mean you give a wrong answer or say something untrue. Try not to fumble or let out long stretches of “um”, but attempt at articulation of your thoughts in a concise manner to answer the interview questions. Also make sure to ask if any of the points needs to be expanded on.

  7. Grab the opportunity to “tell them about yourself” – It’s important to make the most out of the “tell me about yourself” question. Although very open-ended, when answered carefully, it gives you a wonderful opportunity to list all your skills and qualifications that could make you an asset to the company. Think about this answer before your interview. Practice and prepare for it to ace your interview. 

  8. Create a list of questions to ask the interviewer – So having a string of prepared and precise questions of relevance you could ask the recruiter will increase your chances at the job interview. This will show the interviewer the level of interest and enthusiasm that a lot of candidates lack. 

  9. Anticipate and address the interviewers concerns – Interviewers are always looking to filter through their roster of candidates. Your CV and experience may not be 100% perfect for the role. It is important to know where your weaknesses lie and to address the same in the interview or at least be prepared to address them if the interviewer asks about it. You can address their concerns by stating that you are aware that you may not have so and so experience but having said that they need not worry about that because of so and so reasons. Prepare your defense in advance and spin the story in your favor. 

  10. End the interview on a good note – Another way to leave a good impression is to end the interview well. Be courteous, don’t over speak your turn, allow the interview to end on time, let the interviewer say some closing words and mention how you are waiting for their response and how interested you are in the job.

Calm your nerves with these well laid out and actionable tips on acing your job interview!

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