Wardrobe Makeover - AM to PM Edition

The journey of office wear from day to night can be a tiresome one and sometimes, more tedious than paperwork. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while shopping for a wardrobe that sustains your energy and your work wear’s appeal throughout the day.
  • Accentuate with blazers  – Striped or solid, blazers never miss to instantly elevate a casual formal look. These classic blazers make you look effortlessly chic and bold at the same time. They can easily accentuate your curves and can take you from AM to PM with zero hassle.
  • Dramatic cuts – Finding a perfect outfit that is flattering and can put the spotlight on you can be difficult but not so much with a few asymmetric necklines. Opting for a dramatic neckline gives you the advantage of being more than just worthy of attention. It finds you a definite balance between your formal wear and casual wear.
  • Tie your outfit together – Accessories can be more than mere additions to the outfit and choosing the right one can hold an entire outfit together. While a belt can draw attention to your curves, a collar can add charm to your casual work wear. 
  • Pick up the Prints – Experimenting with prints is as easy as it gets. Florals give you a flowy and casual look while adhering to the charisma of your office wear. Additionally, it makes for a beautiful shift from your basic formal trousers and  white shirt.
  • Dress to impress – It’s hard to believe anyone could go with a dress. Choosing a dress over a pair of pants puts you outside the box and provides for a relaxed and comfortable fit. 
  • Standout sets – Lazy days when you are in no mood to create an outfit and co-ords are a match made in heaven. These monochromatic pieces add a layer of elegance and are perfect to survive a long day at work.
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